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Are You an Accomplished Speller?

Accomplishment or accomplishement? Maintenance or maintenence? The ability to spell correctly is important. Some people believe that it’s a measure of your literacy and even intelligence. Spelling can be hard, but learning to spell is easy at Quiz-Tree! We now … Continue reading

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Got a perfect score? Tell your friends!

Most of our quizzes now have a new feature: If you get a perfect score, you will see a button that lets you easily tweet about your accomplishment. To check this out, simply play your favorite quiz and get 100%! … Continue reading

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Quiz-Tree Paid Subscription Poll.

As you have undoubtedly noticed, Quiz-Tree is staying free for users like you because of support from our advertisers. Would you please share your opinion on having an option to remove all the ads for a reasonable yearly subscription fee?

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Spanish Language Voiceover Poll.

May we ask for a minute of your time? We need your opinion. In the next few days we are planning to update our Spanish Language quizzes. Do you think we should keep the existing voice recordings or it would … Continue reading

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