Tired of Ads?

We are considering removing most of ads for Quiz-Tree members. In other words, instead of 5 ad units per page, you will see only 1 ad. This may decrease our revenues in the short run, but should hopefully improve your experience.

Please let us know what you think!

Would you like us to hide most ads for Quiz-Tree members?

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Play Quizzes Anywhere and a New Look!

Have you noticed that Quiz-Tree.com has a new look? We’ve made it easier for you to find the quizzes that you need.

More news. Most of our quizzes don’t require Flash anymore. What does that mean to you? You can play your favorite quizzes on your tablet or even on a smartphone!

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Our Newest Quizzes.

Here are our newest quizzes. Have an idea for a new quiz? Let us know!

1) Greenhouse Effect.

2) Amateur Telescopes.

3) IRA vs. 401(k). Surprisingly few people know the difference. Do you?


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New Quizzes Update.

In the past few days we have added the following quizzes:

1) iPhone 6: All you need to know.

2) 4K TV: Why is it called 4K?

3) SEO: If you have a website or a blog, you need to know this stuff. Really.

Featured Quiz:
Credit Cards: Facts or Fiction?

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How Playlists Can Save You Time.

Recently we have added a new cool feature to Quiz-Tree: Playlists.

Why? Playlists provide a quick way to navigate Quiz-Tree and spend more time learning and less time searching.

Where are Playlists? When you open a quiz page, you will notice two arrows underneath the quiz. They let you jump to the next quiz page without going back to the subject page and searching for the next quiz to take.

Can I create my own Playlists? Not yet. This will require a considerable programming and testing effort, so we would like to know if there is enough demand from users like you. Please answer this one-question poll and let us know!


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Usage Mistakes: Could You Be the Worst Offender?

They surprise you. They can take you off-guard. You might not even know you’re wrong. It could be using who for whom, fewer instead of less, or, more often, swapping affect for effect. If you aren’t careful, unsightly usage mistakes can be downright annoying.

Which usage mistakes annoy you the most?

Vote from the list below and see if any of your mistakes make it to the top.


Did you know that we offer dozens of free quizzes to help you with correct word usage?

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Which Words Confuse You the Most?

By now you already know that we have added dozens of explanations and quizzes about frequently confused words. But every person is unique and some words surely give you more difficulty than others. We know that some of the worst offenders are “effect” vs. “affect”, “break” vs. “brake”, etc.

How about you?

Vote for the pair that gives you the most trouble. We will add more quizzes to help you remember the difference!




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What’s New in iTalkSpanish 3.0.

The new version of iTalkSpanish, an app designed to jump-start your Spanish language skills, is ready. New in this version is the option to quickly switch between English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English modes. Just tap on the Flip button and enjoy!

Available_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40  amazon-apps-store-us-117x40

From user feedback:

“I love this app. Perfect for beginner like me.”

“This is a great basic beginner app. Anyone can learn this. The speaker has very clear pronunciation. If you want to learn Spanish, try this.”

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Top Easily Confused Words and How to Get Them Right.

Having a vivid imagination and great storytelling ability is fantastic, but if you misuse words, people are unlikely to listen and take you seriously.

It is so important to choose the right words when you are writing and communicating. It can mean the difference between being understood or written off. There are some words that sound similar and even look similar, yet have drastically different meanings.

So, here are some of the top most commonly confused words with an explanation to help you choose the right one.

1) Accept vs. Except
Accept – to agree to, receive or do
Except – not included

Examples: Most businesses in this country accept credit cards. All shirts can be worn except tank tops.


2) Affect vs. Effect
Affect – to change or make a difference to
Effect – a result, to bring about a result

This one is huge, and one of the most common grammar errors. To make it a bit clearer, think of “affect” as more of an action (to affect something), where “effect” would be the result.

Examples: The humidity affected my hair. The humidity had no effect on my hairdo.

Tip: Most of the time “affect” is used as a verb and “effect” as a noun.


3) Assure vs. Ensure
Assure – a promise
Ensure – to make sure something will happen

Examples: This extra food will ensure that you do not go hungry. I assure you that you will not be hungry.

Extra: Then there is also “insure”, which is to cover with an insurance policy.
Example: I will insure my home for extra protection.


4) Isle vs. Aisle
Isle – an island (as in The Isle of Innisfree)
Aisle – is a passage between rows of seats (an aisle in a movie theater)

Examples: Ask the bride if you can walk her down the aisle to get married. Iguanas inhabit islands and isles of the Caribbean.


5) Imply vs. Infer
This is another tricky one.
Imply – to suggest in an indirect way
Infer – to draw a conclusion

Examples: Are you implying that I’m a liar, sir? I inferred from his letter that he wants to resign.


The English language is full of many more words like this, but no worries. Quiz-Tree is here to help. Quiz-Tree.com is full of fun and educational quizzes to help you with your spelling and grammar woes; so come on over for a visit and let’s take a quiz!

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Are You an Accomplished Speller?

Accomplishment or accomplishement? Maintenance or maintenence?

The ability to spell correctly is important. Some people believe that it’s a measure of your literacy and even intelligence.

Spelling can be hard, but learning to spell is easy at Quiz-Tree! We now offer 26 free spelling quizzes covering some of the trickiest to spell words!

See how well will you do on our quizzes. Are you an accomplished speller or your skills need more work?

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