Got a perfect score? Tell your friends!

Most of our quizzes now have a new feature: If you get a perfect score, you will see a button that lets you easily tweet about your accomplishment. To check this out, simply play your favorite quiz and get 100%!

Please let us know how you like this new feature and what else can we do to improve your Quiz-Tree experience!

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Quiz-Tree Paid Subscription Poll.

As you have undoubtedly noticed, Quiz-Tree is staying free for users like you because of support from our advertisers. Would you please share your opinion on having an option to remove all the ads for a reasonable yearly subscription fee?

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Spanish Language Voiceover Poll.

May we ask for a minute of your time? We need your opinion. In the next few days we are planning to update our Spanish Language quizzes. Do you think we should keep the existing voice recordings or it would be better to update them too? Please vote below. We greatly appreciate your opinion!

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“My Spanish Tutor” for iOS is free for a limited time.

“My Spanish Tutor” is now available in Apple App Store. Download it today, while it’s free for a limited time!

The new app lets you memorize over 250 real-life Spanish words and phrases. It’s perfect for beginning students of Spanish. You can learn more in less time because the app quizzes you more often on your “weak” words and phrases.

Vocabulary topics include Basic Phrases, Time, Shopping, People and more!

If you like the app, please give it 5 stars to help us help you  :-)


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“My Spanish Tutor” on Amazon!

Great news! Our new app for folks interested in learning Spanish is available on Amazon. Grab it while it’s free and please don’t forget to leave a nice review if you like the app :)


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French Audio.

If you are interested in learning French, we have some great news for you. Our French language quizzes now have audio recorded by a native speaker. That’s over 600 of the most useful words and phrases in French! Start here.

If you aren’t studying French at this time, you can still pick up some basic phrases here.

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Free or Not?

There is a question that we receive once in awhile: Is this website free or do I have to pay to access the quizzes?

The answer is simple: Quiz-Tree is free. It is supported by our advertisers so that everyone can enjoy free educational activities. You have an option of creating a user account to help you track your progress, but that is also 100% free.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Quiz-Tree and see how learning can be fun!

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Help Us Help You!

Do you find Quiz-Tree useful?  Do you have a favorite quiz at If so, please take a moment to “Like” that quiz on Facebook.

It literally takes a second to click the “Like” button on your favorite page. By doing so, you will help other learners like you to find us. So it’s a win-win for everyone!

If you’re not sure which page to “Like,” why not go to our Home Page and click on the “Like” button there?

Thank you so much!

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Student Loan Quizzes.

If you are a student, you probably need a student loan. Before borrowing money, make sure you understand the terminology. Start by learning the basics of college financing by taking our simple yet informative quizzes.

Student Loans Quizzes

For more personal finance quizzes click here.

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Surprising Nutrition Quizzes.

It has been said that health is wealth. Proper nutrition is of paramount importance to staying healthy.

Take advantage of our nutrition quizzes and you might discover surprising information that might change the way you look at the importance of what you eat:

Pick Best Food


 Fast Food

 More Nutrition Quizzes


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