United States History

Perhaps you are an expert on George Washington or have an affection for John Adams. Our trivia questions will test your knowledge!

Or maybe you seem to always mix up your American presidents. Can't tell James Madison from James Monroe from James Polk? Learn the dates and names of the events and people that created American's grand political history!

If you don't know the difference between Confederation and the Constitution, we can help you set the facts straight. Improve your memory. Playing our quick and fun history quizzes several times will help you remember those important facts. You will be reciting the names of presidents backwards and forwards in no time!

Interactive John Trumbull's "Declaration of Independence"

The Articles of Confederation
topic grades type steps
The Articles of Confederation8+10

Constitutional Convention
topic grades type steps
Constitutional Convention8+10

George Washington
topic grades type steps
George Washington8+10
George Washington 28+12

John Adams
topic grades type steps
John Adams8+8
John Adams 28+8

US Presidents
topic grades type steps
US Presidents8+10
US Presidents 28+10
US Presidents 38+10
US Presidents 48+13

US Presidents in Order

US Presidents in Reverse Order

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