Spanish Adventure 1

Thank you for trying Spanish Adventure: Mission 1!

We are using the latest advances in web browser technology that weren't available even a few months ago. Currently the game works only on desktop computers equipped with the most up-to-date software. There are some limitations on speed and picture quality. We hope to overcome these limitations in the near future.

For now, enjoy the demo and by all means let us know if you have any suggestions or comments!

What this is: The purpose of this game is to teach Spanish must-to-know words and phrases in real-life situations. Experts agree that this style of learning works better than rote memorization. Also, it's 10 times more fun!

What this is not: We are not trying to create a full-blown AAA-style blockbuster video game that would entertain hardcore gamers for countless hours. The missions in this game will be straightforward and close to real life.

How to play:

1. Move player by clicking on the target point. He will walk to it automatically. If walking is too slow for you, double-click on the target point and he will run!

2. Talk with characters by clicking on the icon that appears when you position the mouse over them.

3. You can inspect items (water bottle, ATM, etc.) by clicking on the icon. You can use an item by clicking on the icon.

4. During dialogs between the player and the characters, you can repeat each phrase as many times as you wish. To do that, simply switch to the Manual mode and use the Repeat button. When in the Manual mode, move to the next phrase by clicking on the Next button.

5. During gameplay you would normally want to stay behind the Player. If you need to look around, use the arrow keys to rotate the camera or to quickly switch from back to front view.


1. User testing shows that a mouse is preferred over a touchpad, so use a mouse if you can.

2. For better memorization, use the Manual mode and repeat phrases aloud.

3. Not sure what the characters say? Temporarily switch subtitles to English (Menu>Options>Language).

4. Use Menu>Save and Menu>Load to quickly jump to different parts of the game.

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