Physics and Astronomy

Do you love gazing at the stars at night? Or do you ever wonder about the matter outside our planet? Quiz-Tree has provided a series of fun quizzes that will let you learn more about the celestial objects in our universe.

Challenge yourself on how much you know about the solar system and the heavenly bodies. Find out more interesting facts about the planets, stars and even the Milky Way by answering the games below. Learning astronomy and physics has never been this fun!

The Solar System 1
topic grades type steps
The Solar System 15+10
The Solar System 25+10
The Solar System 35+10

The Sun
topic grades type steps
The Sun5+10

The Planet Mercury
topic grades type steps
The Planet Mercury5+10

The Andromeda Galaxy
topic grades type steps
The Andromeda Galaxy5+10

Neutron Stars
topic grades type steps
Neutron Stars5+9

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

The Asteroid Belt
topic grades type steps
The Asteroid Belt5+8

The Milky Way
topic grades type steps
The Milky Way5+10

topic grades type steps

Black Holes
topic grades type steps
Black Holes5+9

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

Famous Astronomers
topic grades type steps
Famous Astronomers5+11

Famous Physics Formulas
topic grades type steps
Famous Physics Formulas12+10

Amateur Telescopes
topic grades type steps
Amateur Telescopes5+10

Famous Scientists
topic grades type steps
Famous Scientists5+10

Space : NPR

The Fight For Pluto's Fate As A Planet Continues
About a decade ago Pluto was demoted to a dwarf planet. Now scientists are arguing that because of shape and surface features, Pluto and 110 bodies in...

Chuck Berry Immortalized On Voyager Space Mission
In 1977, a recording of Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" was included on a golden disc sent to space with the Voyager mission. The mission continues to...

Digitization Unearths New Data From Cold War-Era Nuclear Test Films
The U.S. conducted hundreds of atmospheric nuclear tests between 1945 and 1962 ? and filmed them. A project to digitize those films has changed the an...

Scientists Catch Star And Possible Black Hole In A Rapid, Dangerous Dance
The white dwarf is whizzing around what researchers think is a black hole at an extraordinary speed ? at least twice an hour. It is believed to be a s...

A Microbe Hunter Plies Her Trade In Space
Meet Kate Rubins, a virus-hunter turned astronaut. When she sequenced DNA in space for the first time, she opened the door to a new era in space biolo...

NYT > Space & Cosmos

Flecks of Extraterrestrial Dust, All Over the Roof
A jazz musician from Norway hunted bits of cosmic debris for eight years and found it everywhere. Turns out, tons of it land every day.

Trilobites: How Comet 67P?s Face Changed During Its Trip Around the Sun
During the two years that the Rosetta spacecraft stalked the comet, it observed cliffs that collapsed, boulders that moved and eruptions of dust and g...

Trilobites: Visualizing the Cosmic Streams That Spew Meteor Showers
Researchers recorded more than 300,000 meteoroid trajectories since 2010 to depict the drifting paths of meteor showers that Earth passes through.

Trilobites: Pan, Moon of Saturn, Looks Like a Cosmic Ravioli (or Maybe a Walnut)
In photographs by NASA?s Cassini spacecraft, the closest images ever taken, the tiny, wrinkly moon has a deep ridge that could be a couple of miles hi...

Trilobites: Our Universe?s Very Dusty Early, Early Beginnings
Far away, in a constellation called Sculptor, astronomers have glimpsed the universe?s oldest dust. It?s 13.2 billion years old.

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