Physics and Astronomy

Do you love gazing at the stars at night? Or do you ever wonder about the matter outside our planet? Quiz-Tree has provided a series of fun quizzes that will let you learn more about the celestial objects in our universe.

Challenge yourself on how much you know about the solar system and the heavenly bodies. Find out more interesting facts about the planets, stars and even the Milky Way by answering the games below. Learning astronomy and physics has never been this fun!

The Solar System 1
topic grades type steps
The Solar System 15+10
The Solar System 25+10
The Solar System 35+10

The Sun
topic grades type steps
The Sun5+10

The Planet Mercury
topic grades type steps
The Planet Mercury5+10

The Andromeda Galaxy
topic grades type steps
The Andromeda Galaxy5+10

Neutron Stars
topic grades type steps
Neutron Stars5+9

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

The Asteroid Belt
topic grades type steps
The Asteroid Belt5+8

The Milky Way
topic grades type steps
The Milky Way5+10

topic grades type steps

Black Holes
topic grades type steps
Black Holes5+9

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

Famous Astronomers
topic grades type steps
Famous Astronomers5+11

Famous Physics Formulas
topic grades type steps
Famous Physics Formulas12+10

Amateur Telescopes
topic grades type steps
Amateur Telescopes5+10

Famous Scientists
topic grades type steps
Famous Scientists5+10

Space : NPR

A New Study Shows The Moon's Interior Could Contain Water
Sick of your crowded neighborhood pool? A new study shows there might be quite a bit of water on a more isolated place ? the moon.

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Forty-eight years ago Friday, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin packed up the moon rocks they'd gathered and blasted off for their trip back to Earth. Sh...

Moon Dust Bag, Accidentally In Private Hands, Auctioned For $1.5 Million
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Beam Me Up, Scotty ... Sort Of. Chinese Scientists 'Teleport' Photon To Space
Chinese scientists have announced they pulled off a successful teleportation of a photon from Earth to space. But what does that really mean?

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Trilobites: Unlocking Mysteries in the Sun?s 11-Year Cycle
Two studies focused on the sun?s maximum and minimum periods of activity, yielding new findings about its internal processes and external corona.

Moon Express Sets Its Sights on Deliveries to the Moon and Beyond
The company, Moon Express, is aiming to win the $20 million Google Lunar X Prize competition and become a payload delivery company.

Trilobites: Jupiter?s Great Red Spot Gets Its Close-Up
NASA?s Juno spacecraft passed a few thousand miles above the gargantuan storm, revealing intricate patterns of swirling clouds.

A College Town Gets Ready for Its Moment Under No Sun
One of the best places to view August?s solar eclipse, Carbondale, home to Southern Illinois University, will host scientists and eclipse groupies.

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On Aug. 21, the sun?s disappearance behind the moon will be visible from the Oregon coast to South Carolina. Here are eight places to see it.

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