Elementary Math

On the following pages you will find quizzes that cover several important elementary math topics. The quizzes are interactive and easy to use. Questions are presented in multiple-choice format. All the quizzes combine attractive visual and audio interface in order to engage the children's attention and make learning more interesting and exciting.

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The math quizzes can be used for both practice and evaluation. For example, you can ask your students to complete several quizzes and based on the results ask them to repeat the quiz with the lowest score.

Clearly, playing with quizzes like the ones presented here should be only a part of a comprehensive mathematics education program. Multiple-choice questions cannot replace other forms of instruction and exercises. Nevertheless, new skills should be practiced in order for them to become useful in everyday life and in future studies, and in this respect few forms of exercise can surpass multiple-choice quizzes like the ones included here.

The topics covered in this collection include Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction and Division. In addition to traditional exercises, we have also included Estimated Addition and Find Missing Factors quizzes that were designed to compel students to look at the subject matter from a different angle. The Missing Factors quiz requires the same basic skills that are needed while solving simple equations and the Estimated Addition quiz shows how results of mathematical operations involving relatively large numbers can be estimated without a calculator.

topic grades type steps
Addition12 2110
Addition12 3110

Estimated Addition
topic grades type steps
Estimated Addition410
Estimated Addition 2411

Find Missing Factors
topic grades type steps
Find Missing Factors310
Find Missing Factors 2313

Multiplication 6
topic grades type steps
Multiplication 6110
Multiplication 6 2111

Subtraction 24
topic grades type steps
Subtraction 24110
Subtraction 24 2114

Whole Hundreds Addition

Greatest Common Factor
topic grades type steps
Greatest Common Factor5+12

Least Common Multiple
topic grades type steps
Least Common Multiple5+12

Square Root
topic grades type steps
Square Root5+12

Division 144
topic grades type steps
Division 144210
Division 144 2211

Multiplication 12
topic grades type steps
Multiplication 12210
Multiplication 12 2210
Multiplication 12 3212

Name the Numbers
topic grades type steps
Name the Numbers110
Name the Numbers 2112

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